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Keto Diet and Intermittent Fasting for Beginners and Procrastinators

I'm going to talk about keto and intermittent fasting for procrastinators and if you're a procrastinator make mental notes, I wanted to keep things very, very simple because procrastinators sometimes are overwhelmed and they need a way to just jump in there and focus on the most important things there are just six simple steps.


Step 1: Remove all the junk food from your house

Remove all the junk food from your house really simply. Just get rid of the junk.

Step 2: Remove all the food from the countertops

Remove all the food from the countertops like the nuts and the fruit that's sitting in your face 24/7.

Step 3: Go to the grocery store and buy eggs, proteins, salad, hummus, and cheese.

Go to the grocery store and buy these foods kale berries eggs other protein nut butter hummus celery salad and cheese, I like to buy the kale already chopped and cleaned and just put it in the freezer so that way a little later you can take it out and blend it with the berries that are also frozen and make it into a great shake you can drink. That it's really easy three steps.

Step 4: Plan out what you are going to eat.

Plan out your day of eating and what you're going to consume for breakfast lunch dinner let's say we do eggs, cheese, avocado bacon whenever you want to do for breakfast make sure you have enough fat to go from this meal To this meal without snacking and then at lunch do your big salad you can put your salad dressing and have protein and make sure you add fat so that would be the nut butter.

Additionally, perhaps you have celery and hummus. I don't even care if you eat carrots and celery because that would be fine and would provide you with enough fat to go from this meal to that meal. Then, do the same thing for the dinner vegetable, which should have moderate protein and a good amount of fat. This way, we avoid snacking and go straight from one meal to the next while also fasting in between meals.

Step 5: Push breakfast further and further forward.

Start, push your breakfast forward and forward until finally there is no more breakfast there because you're eating if you're not hungry, so we have two meals a day again and add fat so you can add more time fasting at this point you're really in it hardcore and you're feeling good then your energy is up.

And now it's easier. At this point, you'll have momentum, no cravings, no hunger, and energy, and it will be easy to continue. Add electrolytes and B vitamins (nutritional yeast) to make it easier and prevent symptoms of keto adaption.

Step 6: Avoid going to restaurants and avoid alcohol.

Limit going out to eat; in fact, unless you're totally committed, I would advise you not to go to any restaurants at all. There are too many things that might throw you off during this changeover.

Avoid drinking alcohol that will cause you to miss a few days of your regimen. Start with the first of the six straightforward stages since everyone can do them. What do you think of the article's Top 6 popular types of intermittent fasting? I think it will be useful to you.


My name is John Tolan, 36 years old affiliate marketer and blogger holding a Bachelor's degree in Nutrition from the Australian University of Science and Technology. My interests revolve around writing about health and nutrition topics.