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Intermittent Fasting and 9 Ways to Make It Easier

Nine things to make intermittent fasting a lot easier. One of the biggest complaints that I hear is that boy intermittent fasting is so hard to do because I'm so used to eating and I'm tempted and it's just really difficult.


1. Tea (naturally decaffeinated)

Number one, you can consume tea throughout the day to make sure it's naturally decaffeinated because all that caffeine can increase Insulin, so we don't want to do that but you can do teas like slippery elm bark tea you can do liver-supporting tea, you can start to target different organs with different types of teas just to support your body. (1)

2. Bullet-proof coffee.

Bulletproof coffee that's going to allow you to go a long period and if you've never heard this before it's basically coffee with some fat whether it's butter or coconut Oil you blend it up and you drink it and it will allow you to go a lot longer than if you just had regular coffee but just make sure you don't do more than one cup because the caffeine again will spike insulin and it'll mess up your adrenals all right.

3. Electrolytes.

Electrically charged electrolytes and minerals like potassium magnesium and even calcium, and even sodium will improve insulin resistance.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar.

Apple Cider vinegar this one's a really important right, if you were to do a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with some water and drink that a couple of times throughout the day this would improve blood sugars it would also help you if you have a fatty liver but this is a really important one. (2) What do you think of the article "Intermittent fasting and some of its benefits" I think it will be useful for you.

5. Kale shakes.

 Number five is kale shake a great way to consolidate a kit-out blend you can either put berries in there and blend it up to actually offset some of the Bitterness or not even put berries at all to keep the sugars way down I like to put lemon wheatgrass juice powder in there that way it's a little sweet and that will make this very easy to consume plus you have all the chlorophyll from the wheatgrass.

6. Keto bombs at the meal.

Keto bombs at the meal, so if you're doing two meals or even one meal a day and you prepare some keto bombs, which are a kind of fat cookie and you consume enough of those, it's going to be really easy to move from one meal to the next without a problem, because really if you are satisfied and not hungry, especially at night, then the chances of grazing are slim to none.

7. More sleep.

Number seven more sleep any time a person is tired, they're going to be hungrier and they're going blood sugars are going to be off too so even taking a nap that will help you let sleep is a real key thing to make this.

8. Exercise.

Exercise can definitely help your blood sugar, but if you're just starting intermittent fasting, you probably want to do walking and if you want to do some intense exercise, make it right around the meal because you can tap out your blood sugar pretty quickly and end up with a lump of low blood sugar and make it very uncomfortable to do intermittent fasting. (3,4)

9. Spend more time eating.

Number nine spend more time while you're eating that meal or two meals the last thing, I want to do is scarf a lot of food down your throat too fast take your time chewing your food let it digest and you're going to find that in intermittent fasting will be much better so you don't end up with some situation where you're bloating and you're stuffed and you're creating more stress in the digestive system hey thank you, so much for reading. (5) What do you think of the article "Is Intermittent Fasting Healthy" I think it will be useful for you.


how to make intermittent fasting easier:

- Tea (naturally decaffeinated).

- Bullet-proof coffee (adding butter or coconut oil to coffee).

- Electrolytes.

- Apple Cider Vinegar (1 tbsp in water).

- Kale shake (add the lemon raw wheatgrass juice powder).

- Keto bombs (fat cookies) at the meal.

- More sleep.

- Exercise.

- Spend more time eating while you are eating and not rushing it.


My name is John Tolan, 36 years old affiliate marketer and blogger holding a Bachelor's degree in Nutrition from the Australian University of Science and Technology. My interests revolve around writing about health and nutrition topics.