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Acceptable Fats on a Keto Diet & Intermittent Fasting

We’re going to talk about acceptable fats on a ketogenic and intermittent fasting plan:


1. Coconut oil

let's start with coconut oil what's so good about coconut oil first of all it has something called MCTS medium-chain triglycerides which are healthy fats that help you make energy burn fat also they have a different digestive pathway so they're really easy on the liver and the gallbladder it also has things to boost your immune system like something called lauric acid so it's good for the immune system. (1,2)

2. Butter

 As well butter as long as it's grass-fed is very healthy for this program.

3. Olives

Then we have olives did you realize that olive has over 80% fat it's great on a keto it has high fiber and low carb I would also recommend fermented Sicilian green olives the phytonutrient levels are off the charts amazing and great for bone loss and loaded with copper-iron vitamin E and a really healthy for a ketogenic plan. (3)

4. Avocado

So we have avocados, there's so much nutrition packet in avocados, tons of potassium, and great healthy fats. (4)

5. Egg yolks

Egg yolks make sure they're organic and pasture-raised, and most of the nutrition is in the yolk - vitamin A, vitamin D, and a ton of other vitamins. (5)

6. Nuts and nut butter

Then you have nuts and nut butter to make sure there's no added sugar and if you can get it with sea salt, that would be a little bit better. (6)

7. Seeds

Seeds and seed butter flax oil some people are concerned that that's going to increase your estrogen is not it's going to balance the estrogen that you already have. Even in men, it's not going to be a problem, chia seed is as well. (7 ,8, 9)

8. Animal fats (grass-fed)

Really good animal fat as long as it's grass-fed and totally healthy.

9. Fish and fish oil

Fish and fish oil, make sure you're doing a fish oil it's a higher-end type higher quality some of the fish oils out there right now are rancid, and I like the one that's virgin cod liver oil, it's very healthy, and fresh. (10)

10. Grass-fed cheese

Then we have grass-fed cheese, a grass-fed raw cheese would be the best if you can find it.

Bad fats

- Definitely avoid soy oil corn oil cottonseed oil canola. (11)

Fats to use in moderation

- These are GMO moderate amounts of safflower oil and sunflower seed oil. Here you have the list of acceptable fats. What do you think of the article intermittent fasting for weight loss? I think it is useful to you.


My name is John Tolan, 36 years old affiliate marketer and blogger holding a Bachelor's degree in Nutrition from the Australian University of Science and Technology. My interests revolve around writing about health and nutrition topics.