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Intermittent fasting and 3 common mistakes to avoid

In the beginning, I want to share with you the 3 Biggest Intermittent Fasting Mistakes people make within a minute of fasting.


Change in intermittent fasting when it works

Although intermittent fasting works so well, people change it. You know, you have people that become excited “it’s working. I’m losing weight. I’m pretty much free to eat anything I want”. So, when they go off the program, they justify it. They have a blind spot now. They have it all explained and the next thing you know, they’re ten pounds overweight. You never want to change something that is working. You want to go back to the original formula and keep it consistent. Don’t change anything that’s working, only change if it’s not working.

Hunger as an indication of the key to adaptation

Number two, intermittent fasting mistakes they’re not people who don’t use hunger as an indication of the key to adaptation. So, hunger is one of the best indicators of you’re fully adapted. If you can’t go from one meal to the next without now some hunger is totally fine. I’m talking about severe hunger with blood sugar problems such as dizziness, lightheadedness, grouch irritable brain fog, and craving for sweets. If you have those symptoms, you need to back off and maybe add another meal.

You should add more fat bone broth that would be good for electrolytes. Add some electrolytes to the mix to try to speed up the healing of insulin dysfunction, but hunger is one of the best indications that if you can go from one meal for the next, you can fast, you feel good, and you have the energy, you might have a little hunger. But you don’t have the other issues. Then it’s working so that means just ride the wave and keep going.

Neglecting vegetables

Number three, neglecting vegetables. A lot of people do this. They’ll do more fat and protein, but they’ll neglect the salads. The quantity of salad that you need, especially if you’re doing two meals a day. You’re going to do two big salads or a bunch of vegetables. Why? (1 , 2 , 3 )

Because, foremost, it’s going to clean out all the waste that’s going through your liver, because you’re going to be in some major fat burning you want to keep the waste going through the liver. Also, the fat is cleaned up. You want vitamins and minerals from vegetables or something else. You’re going to start building up unwanted acids, maybe even uric acid crystals and other things. So, keep the vegetables very high. (4 , 5 , 6 , 7 )

These are the top mistakes. Just don’t make them. Learn from other people’s mistakes and put your comments below. What do you think of the article Benefits of One Meal a Day Intermittent Fasting, I think it is useful to you?


1. If it works, people change it. No - if it works, do not change it. Just change those things that do not work.

2. Not using hunger as an indicator of keto-adaptation. If you are severely hungry with low blood sugar symptoms (dizzy, lightheadedness, brain fog, irritability, etc.), then you have not adapted yet, and this means you need to add more fat, add a meal and gradually do intermittent fasting as some people go too fast.

3. Neglecting vegetables. You need large quantities to offset the fat-burning effect as well as get your vitamins and minerals.


My name is John Tolan, 45 years old affiliate marketer and blogger holding a Bachelor's degree in Nutrition from the Australian University of Science and Technology. My interests revolve around writing about health and nutrition topics.