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Intermittent Fasting & Ketosis: 15 (FAQ)

We’re going to talk about intermittent fasting and ketosis Q and A. There are a lot of little questions to explain everything, so the first question people keep asking is.

intermittent fasting and ketosis Q and A

1- Can I chew gum on a ketogenic diet?

That’s not going to be significant at all. It’s so small, and I also recommend you do the xylitol gum, not the aspartame. This type of gum that everyone else does. So, yes you can also do some gum lemon water is fine.

2.  What about lemon water?

Totally fine.  Lemon juice is not a big factor at all so tart, but there’s not a lot of sugar.

3. Can I take wheatgrass juice powder?

The wheatgrass juice powder I do during the fast is not a problem.  It’s my multi-vitamin-mineral everything.

4. Can I have protein powder?

Protein powders are only with a meal because it’s protein. It will spike insulin, especially if it’s low-fat.  Add some fat to it and then also have it after the meal or during the meal but not as a snack.

5. Cheat day

No such thing as a cheat day on my program but here’s the thing when you would do a cheat day, you pretty much are bumped out of this ketosis for a period of time, because it takes a while to get into ketosis. It’s going to take a while to get back to ketosis so on some people. It’s going to take three days to get back to others. It could even take a week. I’m not kidding so that could be a long time. That could explain why you may not be losing weight because you might be doing a cheat day twice a week, nullifying everything. It really depends on how much you cheat.

6. How do you fit in all of your calories in 1-to 2 meals?

Calories and two meals like how do you fit all your calories into two meals or even one meal? Well, there’s a kind of balance you don’t want to stuff yourself into. Then this huge meal where you’re stuffed all day you want to eat a really good healthy meal. Make sure the food is really nutrient-dense. The kale shakes I always recommend because that has more nutrition than other types of greens. Make sure it’s like salmon. That’s higher quality than chicken. You may have to enhance yourself with certain types of nutrients, but we’re not necessarily trying to stuff ourselves. We’re trying to have two big meals and just till you’re satisfied or not the body will adapt to that many calories. ( 1 )

There’s confusion that people think that,  if they have fewer meals than they’re starving,  it’s going to slow their metabolism. That is not true because you’re doing nutrient-dense meals. If you do a small meal, and you’re still hungry. It’s like empty calories or like five small meals of n2k empty calories with sugar. You’re definitely going to create kind of a situation where you’re going to be hungry and craving all the time. Your metabolism will slow down simply because you’re cutting the calories that you’re covering the nutrients. So the real key is the nutrients. The meals that you consume have to be robust large very complete.

7. Keto rash

Keto rash now typically. It’s either two situations where either the liver is dumping something and usually, the reason for that is that you’re losing a lot of fat and a lot of the toxins in your body are stored in the fat so a lot of times those toxins can come out of the fat circulate to the blood to the lymphatic system and come out like a rash. So one thing the combat is to consume many vegetables.

Make sure that’s very high to kind of offset some of the other fat burnings that are occurring. But also bentonite clay you can consume on an empty stomach. Bentonite clay is interesting because it’s like a little piece of clay that does adsorption which is kind of like it absorbs on the outside of the particle 20 no it’s 2,000 times its weight. It’s like a very powerful magnet for toxins or a sponge that will pull these toxins. So they don’t leach out into the tissues. ( 2 )

8. Apple cider vinegar and lemon water

Apple cider vinegar and lemon drinks are not a problem during these times of fasting go ahead and consume them, which is not going to be an issue. What do you think of the article intermittent fasting for weight loss, I think it is useful to you.

9. Will my cholesterol go up?

will my cholesterol go up in some people?  Yes, simply because the fat cell is composed of cholesterol and triglycerides. So your body can only burn the triglycerides. It doesn’t burn cholesterol. So what happens to some people, especially those losing a lot of weight like 50 or 60 pounds, and they have a lot of weight to lose? They could have a higher level of cholesterol.

10. Keto flu or fatigue?

Keto flu or keto fatigue is basically a situation where you’re missing you’re depleting potassium and B vitamins. So if you were to put those back in electrolyte powder. You can do nutritional yeast that should handle it like that other thing. That can happen too, and I don’t want to go into that detail like you could have an issue with more chances of a kidney stone. for example, right well potassium citrate will totally handle that and that’s only if you’re not consuming enough potassium from the vegetables which I know is not the case because you know your vegetables do.

11. Breastfeeding

Do I recommend either one of these during breastfeeding? Not really because you don’t want to go on a diet, or you don’t want to try to lose weight when you’re breastfeeding. You want to make sure to maximize the food there and not worry about doing too much fasting, especially since you have a lot of stuff coming out of the fat cell.

12. Intermittent Fasting for Pregnancy

The same thing with pregnancy doesn’t recommend.  It just eats really healthy during pregnancy. Don’t worry about trying to lose weight or maintain your weight. The key thing with pregnancy and this is a side note is to make sure you get to take cod liver oil or some grass-fed liver. I’m going to tell you why because if you consume the right amount of vitamin A not from a pill but from the food, you can prevent a lot of issues with dental arch problems overbite underbite. You want your child to come out so he or she does not get braces but has a good bone structure.  That’s all the fat-soluble vitamins in trace minerals. Make sure you can trace minerals and fat-fiber vitamins. I like cod liver oil and sea kelp is a good one or plant-based trace minerals. 

13. Intermittent fasting for kids

For kids, can kids do this? Well if a child is really overweight, I probably would put them on this. But if they’re not,  I would put them on a version of this. I recommend maybe some fruit, not this extra sweet stuff, but I wouldn’t be worried about berries maybe bananas would be fine. But they may be eating sweet potato yams would be fine. But other than that, if their metabolism is so fast, they’re going to need some type of starch. We’re also going to get really skinny.

14. Bulletproof coffee

The bulletproof coffee question keeps coming out but sure can I do that? Well, some people just have it in the morning to sustain them and that’s not a problem, but it is kind of like a meal. If you’re adding fat or coconut oil, it is considered a meal, and it could potentially spike instantly a bit. My whole point with this is to try it out and see if you’re happy with your results with weight loss.

Try it out for a week and then don’t try it for a week. See how it affects your weight. Some people do really well while others do not. I’ll just make one change. Maybe I’ll cut down the butter they put in there. The coconut and bam just start really losing weight so experiment on that but make sure you don’t do a lot of coffee simply because it stimulates the adrenals. So 1:00 in the morning would be perfect. Now start with milk if you want to put some organic milk just a bit it’s not a big deal. What do you think of the article The Biggest Benefit of Intermittent Fasting - Weight Loss or Autophagy? I think it is useful to you.

15. Kampuchea tea.

If you’re going to do Kampuchea tea for most people. It’s fine. It does range from two grams of sugar to like 10 grams of sugar. Make sure it has no more than two grams of sugar and make sure that’s one serving size. Also, that’s another one where it could potentially bump you out of ketosis


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