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Eating When Not Hungry During Ketosis or Intermittent Fasting?

Hi guys, we're going to discuss the subject of ketosis in intermittent fasting and if you should eat when you're not hungry because the problem is your hunger is going to go away, so if you are eating two meals a day or one meal a day, and you are not hungry, do you eat or not eat?

Let's answer that in a second before I answer that I'm going to talk to a person who doesn't even know about ketosis it doesn't know about intermittent fasting and let's just know do you eat when you are not hungry like breakfast when you wake up do you automatically go for breakfast when you are not hungry Do you eat a snack when you are not hungry at night, do you still eat just because the food is there?

Eat to stimulate your metabolism

Let's talk about that first before we delve into intermittent fasting and ketosis, so our bodies aren't designed to constantly eat, we're eating wheat way too much, and it's not about those calories, it's about eating frequently, simply because every time we eat it rise up too much insulin.

So we have this massive situation where you have insulin spikes all day at social events all day, you have other events, Halloween, kids you know kids are constantly eating around you at night in those foods on your table and fridge, your house is full of all that food like it's in Everywhere you go, on weekends.

So you are constantly exposed to food now, one of the best habits you can implement for yourself is to eat only when you are hungry and never eat when you are not hungry, if you implement this habit, you will be very healthy because it's false information that breakfast is the most important meal it's not true.

I mean all night you are not eating you are fasting, so why do you need breakfast if you are not hungry, your body burning fat, the food you eat is in your body, you need three square meals a day, why?

Whoever came up with that you need to keep your blood sugar constantly and eat constantly, it's not true, or you need to eat to stimulate your metabolism or when you are also hungry late, these are all wrong bits of information people are spreading there, and we probably accept it from the production of food manufacturers.(1 , 2)

Start with three meals a day

Now let's shift gears, let's see you're already doing ketosis, and you're already doing intermittent fasting, and you are not hungry anymore do you eat well the point is that we need to get nutrients from food so here is what I recommend that you do it in an orderly gradual way. With three meals a day.

If you start by not snacking, you will find that your hunger will decrease, especially if you are eating what I recommend, a good amount of veggie protein, a good amount of fat, and no sugar, now what will happen your hunger will decrease, so keep pushing breakfast forward Until you stop breakfast completely and this can happen very quickly, and it can happen in a week.(3 , 4 , 5)

Your body is burning fat

Now you eat two meals a day, and you do it comfortably and consistently, now you are not hungry even in the morning, you are not hungry for lunch, and you burn fat, so the principle is to eat when you are hungry.

Those who do end up eating one meal because he's not hungry for the other and that's totally fine, but skipping one meal a day I'll probably eat another one I probably wouldn't recommend it unless you need to lose a lot of weight, and you're not hungry because you have certain nutritional requirements with the nutrients you need, so I think you can probably stick to at least one meal a day and make sure it's very healthy, but the point is, if you're not hungry, don't add another meal. What do you think of the article Intermittent Fasting Benefits Explained, I think it is useful to you.


My name is John Tolan, 45 years old affiliate marketer and blogger holding a Bachelor's degree in Nutrition from the Australian University of Science and Technology. My interests revolve around writing about health and nutrition topics.