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Will Small Frequent Meals Throughout The Day Enhance Metabolism?

 Will Small Frequent Meals Throughout the Day Enhance Metabolism?

Hi guys, will many small meals throughout the day enhance my metabolism? I mean they hear from some people that you know what you know the reason why you're not losing weight is that you're not eating enough.

Are small frequent meals good for a diabetic?

So let's just talk about the truth that the answer to this is that not consuming more small meals will not increase your metabolism, but it will increase your hunger. Let's just take a look at what happens when you eat, you trigger insulin, so you just eat, get your blood sugars that went up, insulin just goes up, what's going to happen. (1)

Insulin and blood sugar levels

His insulin is taking all the sugar out, and it's going to bring the blood sugars down to end up with low blood sugar, so insulin brings the sugar out of the blood brings it down, and what happens when it's down that's when you get hungry that's when you crave for example if you eat pure sugar or let's see you go to a Chinese restaurant, and you have rice and that's G meat you know sugary sauce altogether, and you eat it you're going to be hungry about a half hour to an hour later right about it real thirsty and starving go to a fast food place msg all sugar all refined carbs you spike insulin it comes down now you're hungry does not mean your metabolism is working more. (2)

That's false information; it means you're just hungry, and your blood sugars are low. What's really happening is the insulin spike is going to prevent you from burning fat; it's going to lead to insulin resistance eventually and that is going to create what's called a plateau or a set point that you will not be able to go past when you try to lose weight all the fat will be converted to the belly.

Are small, frequent meals beneficial?

So frequent meals are not good so what I'm saying is not to consume less food or fewer calories I'm just saying consume fewer meals we want to keep the calories the same two big meals or three meals that are separated without snacks the best thing to do is do intermittent fasting where you're consuming three meals no snacks or two meals eventually snack. (3)

Do frequent small meals lose weight?

So if you need one meal and no snacks in between you drop insulin that's when you're going to start losing weight lose your belly eat again, and then you're good so that way you won't have that spike you'll improve insulin resistance you'll correct any type of pre-diabetes and your metabolism will increase insulin is one of the hormones that is a counter hormone it makes you fat,(4) thanks for READING. What do you think of the article How Is Intermittent Fasting Work Faster?–5 Tricks, I think it is useful to you.


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