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6 Important Tips For Doing Keto with a Sluggish Gallbladder

We're going to talk about the six tips for doing a ketogenic diet with a sluggish gallbladder so many people have a slug of a stalled letter and those symptoms would be bloating after I eat the right side or underneath the rib cage feels full and kind of maybe even sore painful pain that goes up into the right shoulder blade intolerance with fat you're when you go to the bathroom it floats.

So there's a whole series of things like burping belching indigestion, those are signs of a sluggish gallbladder right shoulder blade pain headaches on the right side, anything on the right side up is usually gallbladder, so I'm going to give you some tips, so you can get started on the ketogenic diet with a sluggish bladder. (1)

1- Intermittent fasting 

Recommend adding intermittent fasting to the ketogenic diet simply because it allows the gallbladder to reset. If you think about the purpose of the gallbladder, it's the SAC that helps concentrate bile well you're going to have to concentrate between meals if you're snacking all day and eating too much too frequently, you'll never concentrate on the bile to the point where it's supposed to be like 20 times more concentrated.


So that way when you eat this concentrated bile really helps them multiply and break down the fat extracting the fat-soluble vitamins as compared to having some dilute bile that doesn't really do the job because you're eating too frequently so taking the stress off the liver and gallbladder the way you do that is not easy so in intermittent fasting like three meals no snacks and then two meals no snack snacks very, very important.

2- Adding lots of veggies

Add a lot of vegetables why because you're going to be in fat boating so all the fats going to have to go through the liver through the gallbladder, and you're going to have to flesh it out and keep things going if you do the ketogenic diet without vegetables you probably end up with a fatty liver, so we always want to keep those very, very high you're not going to be able to get your vegetables from pills you're going to have to actually eat actual vegetables.


So it might be a new concept, not fruits but vegetables the more bitter the better that's no kind of funny but like arugula is excellent kale is good Swiss chard is good spinach is good if you have kidney stones don't do spinach the other thing you can do is radishes onions garlic it's all wonderful for the liver but a lot of vegetables to keep the flow going and offset a lot of the fat burning that's taking place the other thing that's perfect is parsley beet tops were perfect for the gallbladder and think about the reason you have a sluggish gallbladder in the first place is probably that you're not eating those foods so will prevent a problem down the road and even correct it.

3- Adding bile salts

Adding bile salts, what is bile salts, it's purified bile salts, if you think about what we're trying to do, we're trying to prevent gallstones that cause gallstones to be a lack of bile, it's not too much fat or cholesterol, it's a lack of bile salts break down cholesterol without bile salts you get a super concentration or supersaturation of the cholesterol that forms the stone.


So by adding more bile salts to a supplement form, you can help replace what's missing in there and also speed things up. I have a gall bladder formula just to get some bile salt, but you need to have that one after each meal, especially if you have a history of bladder problems.

4- Avoid grains and sugars

Don't consume grains or sugar, especially if it's combined with protein or fat, because you're going to spike insulin, the number one cause of a sluggish gall bladder and gallstones is too much insulin, so we're trying to keep the insulin low and every time we have the grains and sugar it's going to aggravate the gall bladder way more than eating saturated fats. What do you think of the article Eating When Not Hungry During Ketosis or Intermittent Fasting? I think it is useful to you.

5- Avoiding protein powders

Avoiding protein powders Did you realize that the more low-fat protein you consume like whey protein, the greater the insulin spike in natural protein never comes as pure protein it comes with fat and protein usually, so having too many protein powders can aggravate the liver and the gallbladder.

So it's a strain on the gallbladder I had this patient who went to this weight loss program, and they gave her this diet of protein powder and that's pretty much if she ended up with a permanent gallbladder disorder constant burping 24/7, so I wouldn't do protein powder if you have a sluggish gallbladder.

6- Not eating too much nuts

Avoid doing too many nuts A lot of times people when they start doing the ketogenic diet start adding more nuts to this diet and that can mess up the gallbladder can irritate it, so just kind of go light with that because that could be the reason why you might have some worsening of your symptoms. I hope you got a couple of tips and put your comments below. What do you think of the article 3 Biggest Intermittent Fasting Mistakes to Avoid, I think it is useful to you.


My name is John Tolan, 36 years old affiliate marketer and blogger holding a Bachelor's degree in Nutrition from the Australian University of Science and Technology. My interests revolve around writing about health and nutrition topics.